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Bed Bug Treatment - New-York

Bed bugs can be complicated to eliminate, but our bed bug cleaning and sanitizing service removes the question. We offer a complete treatment for bedbug infestations, including, deep commercial vacuuming, hot, high pressure steam cleaning, deep shampoo cleaning, sanitizing and disinfectant service. But the first thing you need to do is call an exterminator that specializes in the elimination of bed bugs. After, and only after they have done a 3 separate day process then you call us for the clean-up, and there will be a major clean up. We will remove the dead bed bugs, the cells and any eggs which may be left over after extermination. Do not worry, this process is 100% chemical free, odor free and residue free. After we have competed the service we may call you 24 hours later for inspection, in necessary. Heat action is the only way to remove all the bed bugs and their eggs. This service is made for mattresses, area rugs, carpets and upholstery in both residential and commercial spaces. So contact us via, phone, chat or email for further assistance.

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