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We are among the best window treatment cleaning business in New York. We've been in business upwards of 2 decades and also familiar with cleaning all soft and hard window treatments alike. This all is done in an environmentally-friendly manner. We service all brands and types of window treatments. If you would like your window treatments cleaned professionally and responsibly call us. No matter what brand or type of window treatments you have we can clean them in our huge facility or right where they are on your windows. When you find yourself interested in cleaning or purchasing new window treatments you can contact us. How do we clean window treatments in your home? First, we take a vacuuming device that will fit our commercial machinery then run it over your window treatments. Then we will prepared cleaning agents for perfect cleaning. Finally, we will extract as much water as possible and steam the window treatments. If you prefer, we can remove the window treatments, bring them to our facility, clean and steam them then return them back in about a week (in most cases). We will rehang your window treatments when we return them and of need be, we will re steam them at no extra charge. So contact us via, phone, chat or email for further assistance.

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