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Area Rug Repair & Restoration - New-York

We have the knowledge and expertise to manage any rug repairs and restorations. Our facility is fully capable to repair and restore any rug back to its natural beauty and look. We do all sorts of repairs and restorations; binding, surging, fringes, cutting, sewing, new backing, color restoration, bleeding colors removed, water, flood and fire damage restorations, major urine stains removed. All of our repairs and restorations are done in our facility. We do not subcontract any work. For any high-quality repairs and restorations on rugs, such as silk replacement, foundation work, these may take more time. We have only skilled craftsmen that are trained well in every aspect of repairs and restorations on all rugs. Any rug repairs and restorations that we feel we cannot do we won’t. We do 99% foal l repairs and restorations. Once your rug is repaired or restored we will wrap it and then delivery it to you. We moved all moveable furniture. Anything extremely heavy or valuable we will ask you to have someone move it prior to our arrival. We take many before photos of rug prior to the repairs and restorations and them take many after the repairs and restorations. So contact us via, phone, chat or email for further assistance.

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