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Miscellaneous Services - New-York

Here are a few other services we provide:

Carpet Stretching

Carpet stretching is an important part of carpet maintenance. After years of walking on the carpet and moving furniture back and forth, carpets may start to buckle or get a wavy look to them. This is when it’s time to have your carpets stretched. We will move the furniture, kick the carpet back into place and cut the excess. Your furniture will be put back into place. Your carpet stretch is warrantied for 30 days (call for details). If need be, we can clean the carpet as well, after the stretching is complete. We do ask that you not vacuum your newly stretched carpet for 48 hours to allow the carpet to settle. We use manual stretching and power stretching. Manual stretching is usually made for stretching jobs of 1 small room with a minimal amount of stretching. Power stretching is an electrical stretching machine for more intense jobs and larger rooms.

Rug Storage

We offer rug storage only for rugs we clean. The first month of storage is free. Pricing after that will depend on the type of rug, weight of rug, quantity of rugs and storage amount. Our minimum storage is 6 months. Maximum storage for 24 months. For this service, all service and storage fees must be paid in full on the day that storage begins.

New Padding

We all types of rug pad. Custom cut to order. We have non-slip pads. Jute rubber-back pads. Kid friendly pads. Pet friendly pads. Eco friendly pads. Recycled pads. Depending on what sort of rug you have we can bring samples of each pad and issue a cost for them. Your rug will no longer bunch up or wrinkle, the rug pad will grip rugs and floors firmly. Softened pads make your rugs more comfortable and lavish to walk and even sit on. We recommend cushioned pads for larger rugs in places where you spend the most time and want to feel most comfortable. Pads add comfort but also keep rugs anchored firmly to the floor. We offer a range of rug pads that combine rubber for grip and felt for cushion, depending on how much lift and cushioning you want.

Rug Blocking

Rug creasing is caused by poor maintenance, previous flooding issues, dragging of a rug while furniture is being moved or simply natural regular wear and tear. We use a high quality rug blocking. We thoroughly brush the rug, until the pile is smooth and flat with a specially made rug rake. We then tightly roll the rug from the edge where the pile is smooth. The rug is then sprayed with specially formulated solutions to allow it to withhold blocking. The rug is then placed on our blocking machine. This machine will stretch the rug to its natural or desired size. This process may take up to 10 days. After that step, the rug will be measured. If the measurements are correct and the rug has absolutely no wrinkles it will be rolled into the paper wrapping. You will then be contacted by our representative to arrange for delivery.

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