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Leather Cleaning - New-York

No matter if it is just 1 chair or many pieces we provide you with whatever cleaning and/or maintenance your leather needs. We clean all chairs, benches, loveseats, couches, sectionals, headboards and leather border rugs. Basically, anything consisting of leather. We will first wash the leather with specially formulated cleaning agents that are made of only organic products, aloe or citrus. No chemicals are used in our leather cleaning. We wipe down the leather, getting rid of any dust particles. With our help, you can keep your leather looking amazing with our methods of leather cleaning. Our leather conditioners are organic and unique, and can give your leather a silky smooth feel and a great luster. There are customized leather cleaning services that will offer you with help for whatever particular leather that you may have. Unlike other services, we never steer you in an agreement for multiple cleanings. We ensure repeat customers by giving excellent customer service- not forcing our customers to produce a contract. So contact us via, phone, chat or email for further assistance.

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